The Articulate Speaking Program

You will master the articulation techniques to pronounce American English vowels and consonants.
You will gain the keys to American English speech patterns, including rhythm, stress, and intonation.  


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Healthcare Professionals in the U.S.

International medical graduates make up more than 25% of the US physician work force. 


Shift to a "Team Approach"

New healthcare reform measures emphasize a coordination of care. This shift to a "team approach" requires strong communication skills from all caregiving professionals involved. Each practitioner must be able to negotiate meetings with the patient, family and other healthcare professionals. 


Specialized Training for Medical Contexts

Our specialized training comes from a keen awareness of the communication demands and expectations of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, technologists, and other professionals in the health care fields.


Following the structure of our Individual and Small Group Training, the specialized training for medical contexts emphasizes medical  terminology and idiomatic speech to facilitate patient-physician communication.


See "Healthcare Professionals" for more information.

Introductory Interview
An introductory interview is an opportunity to identify client needs and goals.

Comprehensive Speech Analysis
A thorough speech assessment follows. It is a thorough evaluation of the clients speech and is used to identify elements of speech that interfere with clear communication.

Training Sessions
The standard offering is the 10-week course. Also available is a condensed 7-week format.

Individual one-to-one sessions follow a course of 60-minutes weekly. Small group sessions (3-5 participants) follow a course of 90-minutes weekly, with an individual session at midpoint. 


Clients ideally allocate 30-minutes daily to pronunciation practice, although we will cover methods of practice that may be integrated into real-life communication 


Follow-up Assessment
At the conclusion of the training, an additional detailed speech analysis demonstrates the client's advancement and greatly improved communication skills.

Individual & Small Group Training Overview

Specialized Training

for Non-Native English Healthcare Professionals

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