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What exactly is accent modification?

Accent Modification is acquiring a new skill set that may be activated whenever it is needed.

Accent Modification is not being programmed to speak with a new voice.
Accents are part of our identity. The objective is to maintain cultural diversity while improving
the intelligibility of the message.


What is the advantage of pronunciation training with a coach over self-study options?

The coaching approach to training is most effective because you have a “trained ear” to guide you through the process. The learning opportunities are customized, with a precise focus on your individual needs and personal goals, resulting in your clear speech. The feedback is immediate, and you receive continuous support.This team effort results in a highly effective training.


How long before I notice a real change in my communication skills?

Habituated speech behavior is often out of our awareness. The changes will be significant, but gradual. The best measure for self-assessment will be a decrease in frequency of communication break downs and the decrease in times you need to repeat yourself. 


How will my progress be measured?

We conduct a baseline performance measure at the outset, the Comprehensive Assessment of pronunciation. We will reassess at the conclusion of the training with a Comprehensive Post – Assessment. Expect Results. The Compton P-ESL Model, which is the basis for the program, is a structured, results-driven, evidence-based training program. Clients average 50% improvement in pronunciation accuracy. Depending on practice habits, improvement can be as much as 80%.


Who are typical clients?

Our clients are fluent English speakers who are high-performing professionals in their fields. Many of them learned English as one of their first languages, but their pronunciation interferes with clear speech. Our clients also recognize that success requires clear and effective communication. They are ready to take their speaking skills to the next level. 


Do I need to set aside pronunciation practice time between sessions?

Yes, practice is necessary to integrate the new speech patterns, however during the session, you will learn useful tips to integrate relevant practice into your daily speaking interactions.


Do I have to sign up for coaching sessions after completing the Comprehensive Assessment?

No, coaching sessions are not required. If you choose to opt out of training after assessment, you will simply be responsible for the Assessment fee. However, most clients choose to use the assessment results to mobilize change with the pronunciation coach who is keenly attuned to their speech and communication needs. 


What technical requirements are there to participate in virtual sessions?

Participants need to have speakers and a microphone (headset is preferred), a modern web browser, the latest version of the Adobe Flash player installed, and an internet connection capable of uploading and downloading small audio files. Certain web browsers, like Google Chrome, have the Adobe Flash player built in. For other browsers, you need to install the free Flash player separately. If you need to install the Flash player or you're unsure if you already have the Flash player, visit the link below.