Articulation LLC is a professional training company dedicated
to assist non-native English speaking healthcare professionals

with the goal of clear communication in the work place and beyond.


We deliver results, You master delivery

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Speak and be understood.



Being understood can be a central challenge for international healthcare professionals working in the US. Colleagues may lose focus on what 

you are saying because they are distracted by how you are saying it.


The Articulate Speaking Program will help you develop skills and provide you with tools so that listeners can focus more precisely on the content of your message.


The Articulate Speaking Program is transformative.
In a short time, you will be equipped with concrete tools
and strategies to communicate effectively.
hat exactly 

Individual Training

First, we listen to your personal needs and goals. Next, we conduct a detailed analysis of your speech patterns. Finally, we design a training program to best fit your communication needs. The rest is a team effort. 

Group Training

Small group training encompasses the same scope as the individual training model. The enriching group context provides immediate real-world application of your new learned speaking strategies.

Training for Health Care Professionals

Communication needs in the healthcare field are unique. Training materials are highly relevant for practitioners in medical contexts, including medical terminology and authentic, field-specific applications.

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